Does Sytling your home really make a difference?

The answer is YES!

Great styling of a home, we believe attract more buyers. Appointing a property stylist who will work with you and style your property either using your current furniture or pieces from their current range will create a look and feel that will appeal to prospective purchasers. With 9 out of 10 people finding it difficult to visualise what a home could potentially look like with their own furniture, it is important to focus on styling your home to give them that visualisation.

First impressions count. So the introduction of a stylist has become a key asset to our clients. Not only does it create a warm feel for potential purchasers as they inspect the home, it also brings out the potential in the home and utilises the space wisely, this in turn helps buyers view the home at its full potential.

5 Things to Focus on when Styling or Improving your Property.

  1. De-clutter – Less is best as it shows more space in the home.
  2. De-personalise – Potential buyers will feel more comfortable inspecting the property.
  3. Fresh Paint – Paint in neutral & light colours to freshen up the home. Neutral colours work best, as some colours may not suit everyone.
  4. Renovate – The kitchen and bathroom are the key rooms of a home. If you are considering this as an option, there are little things you can do without spending a fortune. Little things like door handles, installing a splash back or changing the tap ware can add a lot of value.
  5. Aroma – Add some fresh flowers and a candle or oil burner at the open home. This will ignite perfumes and it also looks warm and inviting.
It has been proven in the last 10 years in Australia that styling a property correctly can attract more potential buyers, help the property sell quicker and produce a higher sale price far greater than the initial investment for styling.

Mary Donnelly from Hot Property Styling says – “Buyers can’t imagine what the home would look like if there is clutter, or they see bright coloured walls or oversized furniture or even if the property is empty. First impressions really do count.”

“ At One Agency Reeves Properties, we recommend using a property stylist. We know when people use a stylist, they achieve a higher price than expected. It is a small price considering the overall value and potential return on investment you could make. You really don’t want to skim on small investments for bigger returns” says Andrew Reeves, Principal of One Agency Reeves Properties says

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